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Mercedes Benz S550

Mercedes Benz S550

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For 2007, the S-class lineup has been simplified. No more short- and long-wheelbase cars, just the 124.6-inch edition, 3.1 inches more majestic than its predecessor. The lineup now comprises the S550 tested here, whose $86,175 base price is actually $1650 shy of its S500 forebear's, followed in April by a 510-horse V-12 S600, with a sticker close to $130,000. An all-wheel-drive S550 4MATIC should arrive in November, and the inevitable AMG variants will manifest when AMG and every F1 driver on the planet are damn well ready.

Apart from the S550's swollen fender haunches

Rental Price

Weekday Rates (M - Thu) 1 day (24 hours) $345
Weekday Additional Day (M - Thu) 1 day (24 hours) $200
Weekend Rates (F - Sun) 2 days (48 hours) $850
Weekend 3 days (+ free ½ day) $1150
Weekly $1950

Available for Rental

This car is available for rental in Florida.

It is also available for rental in New York with a shipping fee and minimum 3 days rental.

All daily rentals include 125 miles/day. Weekly rentals include 700 miles/week. Additional mileage is billed at $2.00/mile. With chaffeur add $125 per hour

Vital Stats

Engine382hp rear-mounted V8
Transmission6 speed automatic
0-606.1 seconds
Top Speed189 mph
Passenger5 people
InteriorBlack leather

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