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Hummer H2

Hummer H2

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Daring and attention-getting is how the H2's exterior design is often described. The H2 is instantly recognizable as belonging to a highly exclusive brand at the top of its class in off-road performance. The look and feel conveys the sense of power, authority and complete control that buyers seek. The H2's extremely boxy body and very straight windshield and windows, which resemble H1's forms, combine to create a significant amount of interior room.

This H2 is equipped with DVD players and a full 3rd row seat, providing seating for 7 passengers.

Rental Price

Weekday Rates (M - Thu) 1 day (24 hours) $239
Weekday Additional Day (M - Thu) 1 day (24 hours) $185
Weekend Rates (F - Sun) 2 days (48 hours) $499
Weekend 3 days (+ free ½ day) $750
Weekly $1185

Available for Rental

This car is available for rental in Florida.

It is also available for rental in New York with a shipping fee and minimum 3 days rental.

All daily rentals include 125 miles/day. Weekly rentals include 700 miles/week. Additional mileage is billed at $2.00/mile. With chaffeur add $125 per hour

Vital Stats

Engine393hp 6.2 Liter Engine: V8
Transmission4 Speed Automatic H.D
0-607.7 seconds
Top Speed135 mph
Passenger7 People

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