Ferrari 360 Modena

Ferrari 360 Modena

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The 360 Modena is Ferrariā€™s mid-engine V8 sports car. The first mid-engine V8 Ferrari was the 308 GTB which became one of the most popular Ferrari models of all time. The 308 was followed by the 348 in 1990 and the F355 in 1995. The 360 Modena replaced the F355 in 2000 and was lighter with a more rigid chassis through the use of aluminum for the chassis, body shell, and suspension components. Based on one of the most popular cars ever produced by legendary automaker Ferrari, the 360 Spider defines exotic - stunning looks, sleek curves, low profile, wide stance, and mind-blowing performance. Driving this car is like nothing you've ever experienced.

Features Include: Navigation, Bluetooth Hands Free, IPOD connection, Rearview camera, XM Radio, Radar / Laser Detector & Jammer.

Available for Rental

This car is available for rental in New York only.

All daily rentals include 125 miles/day. Weekly rentals include 700 miles/week. Additional mileage is billed at $2.00/mile. With chaffeur add $125 per hour

Vital Stats

Engine400hp rear-mounted V8
Transmission6 Speed F1 Automatic
0-604.2 seconds
Top Speed189 mph
Passenger2 people
ExteriorRed Exterior
InteriorTan leather

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