Dodge Viper SRT 10 Convertible

Dodge Viper SRT 10 Convertible

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As if the previous Viper weren't raucous enough, a maximum-strength version-the SRT-10 is now available for 2003. Although some pieces carry over, much of the new asp is a clean-sheet redesign. The SRT-10's foundation employs a heavily revised racing-style chassis replete with fully independent suspension at each corner paired with gargantuan 18x10/19x13-inch forged alloy wheels. A new aluminum space frame increases stiffness over the previous Viper for improved handling and decreased noise/vibration/harshness. The wheelbase has been extended 2.6 inches, yet in overall length, the SRT-10 is 1.1 inches shorter than the RT/10.

Available for Rental

This car is available for rental in New York only.

All daily rentals include 125 miles/day. Weekly rentals include 700 miles/week. Additional mileage is billed at $2.00/mile. With chaffeur add $125 per hour

Vital Stats

Engine505hp front-mounted V10
0-604.0 seconds
Top Speed196 mph
Passenger2 People

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